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Leveraging a full range of technology experts, NBT Tech allows you to confidently leave your technology to the professionals so you can focus on your core business.

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Push Beyond Technology

NBT Tech is a technology success provider. We partner with you to deliver strategic technology support and planning that drives your businesses forward. NBT Tech maintains the systems, tools, and protocols that keep your IT environment stable and secure, while supporting your business objectives.

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Our All-In-One Solutions

CCTV/IP Camera Surveillance

CCTV/IP camera installation improves security, records evidence and deters crime. We offer installation and replacement and can accomplish what you need.

Network Site Survey

A network site survey assesses a location's requirements for optimal network setup, considering signal strength, interference, and coverage. It's essential for ensuring efficient, reliable connectivity.

Server Management & Setup

Server management/setup involves configuring, maintaining, and optimizing servers for reliable data storage and application hosting. It's essential for ensuring business continuity, efficiency, and secure data.

Infrastructure Engineering, Management & Setup

Infrastructure engineering and management establish and maintain critical systems for efficient operations, supporting organizational growth and stability.

Network Install & Management

Network installation/management enables reliable, secure internet access. Necessary for effective communication, data transfer, and seamless operational efficiency in organizations.





Why Choose US

We have over 15+ years in this industry.

The NBT Tech way is the combination of our standards, people, tools, policy, and techniques that result in a unique approach to managing our clients’ IT. This approach aligns our goals with our client’s goals, delivering in a timely way that solves the technical challenges faced by businesses.

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Customer Data

Our solution can help you achieve regulatory compliance. In addition, if any of your servers happen to fail, our solution doubles as an on-site virtual server, allowing the speedy restoration of your organization’s productivity while the failure is diagnosed and addressed.

Data Analytics

NBT will audit your existing infrastructure, devices, applications and workflows to determine how far from your ideal state of business performance you currently are. Then we get to work on building a solution that overcomes your challenges and delivers real value.

Cyber Security

Our managed security services offer continuous oversight, 24/7/365. Attempting to handle your critical security needs yourself requires a large investment in money and expertise. We do the hardwork for you and provide a full cybersecurity platform to respond to threats.

Our Clients Are Saying


We have been a client of NBT Tech for years and they have always provided exceptional customer service and IT solutions for our growing business.

Johnatan Doer VP of Admin

Going into the storm it was nice to know that we had an experienced team who knows our needs and assured us that our data was protected!

Patrick Oliver CFO

Our organization has grown steadily over the years and NBT Tech has been there every step of the way. Their response is great and they resolve IT issues with minimum disruption.

Sierra Montaliso Vice President
Cyber security. Cybercrime. Cyberspace. Hacking. Hackers. IT

I have complete confidence in NBT Tech’s ability to solve any technological problem in the most expeditious and cost-effective way!

Jeane Webb

Vice President of Programs

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